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Gilmores Groin Repair is a surgical procedure performed to correct a groin injury which causes chronic pain, known as Gilmores Groin or Sportsman’s Hernia. The aim of surgery is to attach the muscles and tendons back to where they should be. Surgery is the last option if conservative treatment, including a physiotherapy exercise programme, hasn’t resulted in return to pre-injury state.

Gilmores Groin Repair Indications

Indications for the Gilmore Groin Repair are quite simple:
  • An MRI scan confirming diagnosis and identifying the extent of the damage
  • A lack of improvement in symptoms following non-surgical (conservative) treatment
Basically, when no other treatment has worked, surgery is the final option for recovery.

Gilmores Groin Repair Surgical Procedure

Before a Gilmore Groin Surgical Repair, pre-habilitation is advised in the form of strengthening, stretching and core strengthening exercises. These physiotherapy exercises will have been performed as part of a physiotherapy conservative treatment plan.

Under anaesthetic (usually local anaesthetic), the Gilmores Groin Repair surgical procedure involves:
  • Stabilisation of the tendon insertion in the groin
  • Removal of a superficial nerve
  • Insertion of mesh over the injury site to strengthen and support the inguinal floor, reducing risk of reoccurrence
Gilmore groin repairs are usually successful if post-surgical rehabilitation is followed correctly.

The Benefits Post-Surgery

There are many benefits which can be gained post-Gilmore Groin Repair Surgery, especially considering the injury most commonly affects fit, active sports people.

Benefits include:
  • Return to sport and fitness
  • Return to normal daily function
  • Decrease/elimination of pain
  • Improved mood and well-being
  • Increased range of movement

Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Post-Surgery

Physiotherapy is essential to recovery. Post-surgery rehabilitation can begin 2 weeks after the surgery after a period of rest. Exercise begins at gentle, low level and gradually progress as the healing process develops.

The physiotherapy rehabilitation post-surgery is similar to pre-surgery preparation, taking the form of:
  • Core Strengthening Exercises
    Core strengthening is essential for re-building your abdominals, which will have become weak following surgery.
  • Strengthening Exercises
    Specific groin exercises will help strengthen the area to recovery.
  • Stretching Exercises
    Hip stretching is required to reduce tightness around the joint and increase range of movement.
  • Sports Specific Exercises
    Sports specific exercises drills will be used to regain endurance and technique so you can make a full return to your sport.
Physiotherapy following Gilmores Groin Repair surgery is a hugely important factor in reaching your maximum potential function.

If you have had a Gilmores Groin Repair and would like physiotherapy rehabilitation, you can email office@manchesterphysio.co.uk for further information or call us on 0330 088 7800.

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Call us on: 0330 088 7800
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