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What is it discogenic wry neck?

Discogenic wry neck refers to pain and tightness caused by one or more of the intervertebral discs (shock absorbing pads that lie between the vertebrae) in the neck or upper back. Physiotherapy is a successful way of treating discogenic wry neck.

How does discogenic wry neck happen?

Discogenic wry neck usually occurs when waking after a long sleep in an awkward position.

What are the symptoms of discogenic wry neck?

Discogenic wry neck causes neck pain, which sometimes radiates into the head, shoulder and / or arm. This is pain is usually constant and is generally more painful when moving the head. In most situations it will restrict full neck movement. Other symptoms include:

Physiotherapy for discogenic wry neck.

Physiotherapy is important in the treatment of discogenic wry neck. Initially, your physiotherapist can assist by diagnosing your problem, determining its severity and devising an appropriate treatment plan. This may initially involve techniques to reduce your pain. Physio.co.uk provide you with a series of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to return you back to full activity and to reduce the chances of your neck pain re-occurring. Other physiotherapy options include:

Are there any long-term effects of discogenic wry neck?

Discogenic wry neck does not usually cause any long-term effects if it is properly diagnosed and appropriately treated. Recovery usually takes place in a matter of days. The main ongoing problem associated with neck pain is its tendency to re-occur or come back.

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