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Natural Apophyseal Glides (NAGs) and Sustained Natural Apophyseal Glides (SNAGs)

What are NAGs and SNAGs?

NAGs and SNAGs are mobilisation techniques and are used as part of the Mulligan Concept. NAGs are used on the cervical spine (neck) as well as the upper thoracic spine (upper back). SNAGs are used throughout the spine, rib cage and sacroiliac joint (tail bone). They are also used to treat limb problems that have occurred as a result of spinal problems. SNAGs are gliding mobilisations and should be performed pain free. NAGs mobilise joints mid way through range of movement whilst SNAGs mobilise joints to the end of their range of movement. SNAGs are a form of MWMs.

How do NAGs and SNAGs help?

NAGs are used to create pain free range of movement by repeated mobilisations of the joint within pain free range. Repeated movement of the joint reduces stiffness and therefore: SNAGs are glides performed on the joint whilst the individual performs the symptomatic movement. The glide should cause the movement to become pain free. The benefits of SNAGs include:
  • Reduced pain on movement of limbs
  • Increased range of movement of limbs
  • Increased function

Who benefits from NAGs?

NAGs and SNAGs are beneficial for problems throughout the spine such as: SNAGs are also beneficial for limb problems that occur as a result of spinal problems.

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