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What is hamstring origin tendinitis?

Hamstring origin tendinitis is damage and inflammation of the hamstring tendon where it inserts into the back of the pelvis (ishial tuberosity). Physiotherapy is an effective treatment for hamstring origin tendinitis.

How does hamstring origin tendinitis happen?

There are three hamstring muscles:
  • Biceps femoris
  • Semimembranosus
  • Semitendinosus
The hamstrings work together to flex (bend) the knee and extend (straighten) the hip. Hamstring origin tendinitis is commonly caused by powerful and explosive movements of the lower limb such as running, jumping and kicking as this places extra strain on the hamstring muscles.

What are the symptoms of hamstring origin tendinitis?

The main symptoms of hamstring origin tendinitis are intense and deep pain in the lower buttock area which is where the ishialtuberosities are located and where the hamstring tendon is found. The pain is often aggravated by jumping and kicking actions and you may find it difficult to run and sprint. Other symptoms may include:

What should I do if I have hamstring origin tendinitis?

Physiotherapy is a very effective way of treating hamstring origin tendinitis and you should go and see a physiotherapist as soon as you notice any of the above symptoms. Ice and compression with a bandage may temporarily reduce pain and swelling but you will need to begin a comprehensive rehabilitation programme to specifically treat the problem.

Physiotherapy treatment for hamstring origin tendinitis

It is important to begin a personalised strengthening and stretching programme with your physiotherapistas soon as you notice symptoms of hamstring origin tendinitis. This will help you gradually return to your normal activities and sports at the correct pace. Other physiotherapy treatments may include:

What shouldn’t I do if I have hamstring origin tendinitis?

You should not continue with any activities that have been aggravating your symptoms. This will delay your rehabilitation and could make the injury more chronic and difficult to resolve. Do not try to treat the condition yourself as it is important to receive a professional diagnosis to provide you with the best treatment plan.

Could there be any long-term effects from hamstring origin tendinitis?

Hamstring origin tendinitis can be successfully treated with physiotherapy without any long-term complications if the treatment programme is personalised and appropriate to your needs. If the symptoms are left untreated, there is a high risk that the injury will become chronic and therefore need more persistent and long-term treatment.

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