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What is footballer’s ankle?

Footballer’s ankle is the growth of extra bone at the front of the ankle following a bad sprain. Physiotherapy is important in the rehabilitation for footballer’s ankle.

How does footballer’s ankle happen?

The most common cause of footballer’s ankle is direct trauma to the front of the ankle joint causing damage to the tendons and ligaments. This often occurs following a kick to the ankle during contact sports such as football.A bony growth then often forms resulting in further damage to the structures of the ankle joint.

What are the symptoms of footballer’s ankle?

Pain is the initial symptoms of footballer’s ankle. This is often associated with swelling and a noticeable deformity at the front of the ankle joint. You may also find it difficult to move the ankle without causing discomfort. Other symptoms could include:

What should I do if I have footballer’s ankle?

If you notice symptoms of footballer’s ankle, you should have a physiotherapy assessment as soon as possible. This will identify the exact area of injury and provide you with a structured physiotherapy programme to optimise your recovery. You may need to have other tests such as an X-ray or MRI scan if other structures are likely to be involved.

What shouldn’t I do if I have footballer’s ankle?

Do not ignore your symptoms of footballer’s ankle or continue to play contact sports. This will delay your recovery and could cause further injury.

Physiotherapy treatment following footballer’s ankle.

Physiotherapy is a very effective way of treating footballer’s ankle. There are a variety of treatment options and these will be tailored to suit your needs. Possible options include :

Could there be any long-term effects from footballer’s ankle?

Footballer’s ankle is usually resolved with a personalised physiotherapy programme. However, in more severe cases of footballer’s ankle, surgery may be required to remove the bony growth. Physiotherapy should begin as soon as possible following the operation to maximise your recovery.

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