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What is neck pain?

Neck pain is a general term describing the sensation felt when structures in the neck are irritated or damaged. These include:
  • Acute nerve root pain
  • Apophyseal wry neck
  • Discogenic wry neck
  • Whiplashs
Physiotherapy can successfully treat symptoms of neck pain.

How does neck pain occur?

Neck pain results from damage or irritation to structures in the neck.

How does neck pain feel?

Neck pain is experienced as pain felt in the neck, and sometimes in the head, shoulders and arms. It can be either a dull ache or a sharp pain that is made worse by movement. In many situations it may reduce the range of motion of your neck. Other symptoms of neck pain include:

Physiotherapy treatment for neck pain.

Physiotherapy is very important in the treatment of neck pain. Your physiotherapist can diagnose your problem and determine its severity, enabling them to determine an appropriate treatment plan. This may initially involve techniques to reduce your pain. Physio.co.uk will usually provide you with a series of stretching and strengthening exercises designed to return you back to full activity and to reduce the chances of your neck pain re-occurring. Other treatment includes:

Could there be any long-term effects from neck pain?

Neck pain usually does not produce any long-term effects, if it is properly diagnosed and appropriately treated. Recovery usually takes place in a matter of days to weeks. The main long term problem associated with neck pain is its tendency to re-occur or come back.

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