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Fractures are common in children and often occur when kids are playing or participating in sports. There are many different types of fractures which will vary according to the severity and location of the injury. Most fractures occur in the upper extremities such as the wrist, the forearm, and above the elbow because children are more likely to throw their hands out in an attempt to stop a fall. Treatment will also vary but usually requires a period of immobilisation to allow the fracture to heal.

Types of fractures in children

  • Greenstick – occurs when the bone bends and partially breaks. A child is susceptible to this type of fracture because their bones are soft.
  • Transverse - the break is in a straight line across the bone.
  • Spiral - the break spirals around the bone and is common in a twisting injury.

Diagnosis of a fracture

Fractures in children may present with non-specific symptoms and may only be revealed by an x-ray or other radiological tests. If your suspect your child has a fracture you should consult your GP who will conduct a thorough physical assessment to confirm a diagnosis.

Physiotherapy for fractures

Our specialist paediatric physiotherapists at Physio.co.uk are experienced at treating children following a fracture.

Your specialist paediatric physiotherapist will initially assess your child’s current symptoms and devise an individual treatment programme designed to help your child reach their maximum potential.

Physiotherapy treatment for your child will improve strength and reduce pain and stiffness following their period of immobilisation.

Physiotherapy treatment at Physio.co.uk will depend on your child’s needs but may include: At Physio.co.uk your paediatric physiotherapist will help your child regain their independence with everyday activities as soon as possible.

Your physiotherapist at Physio.co.uk can provide treatment across Greater Manchester and Cheshire, at our clinic, your child’s school or at your home for your convenience.

For more information on physiotherapy for fractures, or to book an appointment please call 0330 088 7800, or book online today!

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