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What is the Epley manoeuvre?

The Epley manoeuvre is made up of a specific set of head and body positions that your physiotherapist will take you through. It is designed to treat vertigo, dizzinessand room spin. Usually it is effective within one treatment but occasionally may need to be repeated. Your physiotherapist will then give you advice on what head positions to avoid directly after the treatment to improve the effectiveness of the manoeuvre.

How does the Epleymanoeuvre help?

The vestibular system within the inner ear relies on a system of circular canals which contain fluid which tells the brain when we are moving. When this fluid moves it triggers a signal to the brain to move our eyes in that direction. This system goes wrong when the crystals of calcium carbonate which normally are not in the canals start rolling around and sending signals to the brain to say we are moving when we are not. This causes the eyes to move around in response to the signal and the room starts to spin. The Epley manoeuvre relocates these crystals back out of the part of the canal with the fluid thus stopping the dizziness.

Who benefits from theEpley manoeuvre?

The Epley manoeuvre benefits individuals who have been diagnosed with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV). They will report symptoms such as dizziness, vertigo and room spin which is especially apparent on movements such as turning over in bed or looking in a certain direction. The success rate is very good if BPPV has been accurately diagnosed, but occasionally further investigation may be needed if patients are not responding as expected.

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