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What is Osteoarthritis of the hip?

Osteoarthritis of the hip is a condition characterised by degeneration or 'wear and tear' of the cartilage that surrounds the hip joint surface, leading to inflammation, pain and stiffness. This can result from a specific traumatic injury, or from repetitive overuse forces transmitted through the hip joint causing cumulative minor damage over a period of time. As the condition develops there is progressive wearing down of the bone end surfaces, so that they are no longer smooth. They may even develop a number of small bony processes called osteophytes, whose growth is triggered by damage to the bone surface. Although osteophytes are the bones attempt to protect against further damage, the often create additional or uneven wearing of the joint and cartilage.

Due to the repetitive use and high pressures placed through the hips, hey are at greater risk of developing osteoarthritis. Physiotherapy treatment for osteoarthritis will help you manage your symptoms and improve your independence and quality of life.

What causes Osteoarthritis of the hip?

Osteoarthritis can be caused by repetitive use of any particular joint, but most often affects the wrist, hand and ankle. In some people osteoarthritis is secondary to pre-existing damage to the joint for example, caused by stress fractures, ligament injuries, maldevelopment of the bone or joint. The hips are one of the larger joints commonly affected by osteoarthritis this is partly due to their constant repetitive use and the high incidence of hip fractures around the neck of Femur .Other causes of hip osteoarthritis may include;

  • Ageing, cellular repair rate decreases, more sedentary lifestyle.
  • Repetitive overuse joint damage with insufficient rest/healing periods.
  • Being overweight, placing additional stress on joints.
  • Muscle weakness or tightness, causing uneven joint stress and wearing.
  • Genetics / hereditary factors making you more susceptible.
  • History of injury or trauma to the hip joint, such as fractures or ligament strains.
  • Leg length discrepancy, causing uneven wearing in ankle, knee and hip joints.
  • Biomechanical Abnormalities or gait pattern issues.
  • Poor core stability, possibly from muscle weakness or imbalance.

What are the symptoms of Osteoarthritis of the hip?

Symptoms of osteoarthritis can vary a great deal depending on severity of condition and level of activity. Often deterioration or improvement of symptoms can change regularly with no obvious cause. Here at Physio.co.uk we can treat and advise you on how to cope with some of the following symptoms;

  • Pain in the affected joints, inhibiting movement.
  • Progressive stiffness in affected joints, reducing mobility, irregular gait pattern.
  • Reduced range of movement from bone thickening or osteophytes.
  • Inflammation in affected joints including swelling and redness.
  • Your affected joints may fill with fluid and feel tight, especially after using them.
  • Sometimes audible creaky joints occur as the cartilage wears away, leaving bone on bone.
  • Fever or chills sensation after physical activity are indicative of some kinds of arthritis.

How is Osteoarthritis of the hip diagnosed?

A diagnosis of osteoarthritis of the hip can be confirmed by a physiotherapist or doctor following a thorough subjective and objective assessment.

If you would like more information about how Physiotherapy can help treat osteoarthritis of the hip, or to book yourself an appointment please email office@physio.co.uk or call 0330 088 7800.

What would a physiotherapy assessment for Osteoarthritis involve?

In your first appointment at Physio.co.uk, your assessment would be divided into the following two sections:


A discussion to find out the cause of your injury, how long they have been persisting, if you have had any previous injuries in this area, what symptoms you are experiencing and how your injury is affecting you and your lifestyle.


A physical assessment of your range of pain, tenderness in the area, range of movement and a series of special tests to identify exactly which structures you are likely to have affected.

What would a physiotherapy treatment for osteoarthritis of hip involve?

Physiotherapy treatment at Physio.co.uk will reduce pain and stiffness, improve hip range of movement and strength, and help you remain as active as possible.

A thorough assessment with one of our physiotherapists at Physio.co.uk will identify your main problems and a rehabilitation program will be developed between you and your physiotherapist to restore strength and mobility. Physiotherapy treatment for hip osteoarthritis may include:

  • Heat therapy to reduce pain and stiffness.
  • Soft tissue massage to relieve tension and aching joints.
  • Range of movement exercises to preserve flexibility, alleviate stiffness or pain.
  • Gentle strengthening exercise, increases the hip joints muscle support.
  • Advice about how to modify activities and avoid certain movements such as lifting and carrying heavy loads to provide some relief and increase independence.
  • Advice on lifestyle modification, including weight loss to reduce pressure on joints.
  • Advice on how to manage your flare-ups.
  • Balance training to improve muscle tone and co-ordination.
  • Hydrotherapy to stretch and strengthen muscles and to maximise mobility.
  • Gait re-education to correct muscle imbalance and biomechanical abnormalities.
  • Advice about walking aids for use at home or outside.

Physiotherapy treatment at Physio.co.uk for people with osteoarthritis of the hip, will ensure you reach your maximum physical potential and continue with your hobbies and everyday activities to the best of your ability.

How can I arrange a physiotherapy assessment for Osteoarthritis?

If you are experiencing pain, stiffness or loss of strength and show signs of inflammation around your hips, you may have Osteoarthritis of the hip and you would benefit from seeing one of our physiotherapists at Physio.co.uk.

You can contact us directly to arrange an assessment and we can advise you if further treatment is recommended, or give you details on self-management for minor cases. To arrange an appointment please email office@physio.co.uk or call 0330 088 7800.


Osteoarthritis affects a lot of people and although there is currently no cure, with the proper management, the impact it has on your daily life can be greatly reduced. We can assess you to find the specific source of your osteoarthritic pain and then advise you on technique to self-manage your symptoms.

At Physio.co.uk our experienced Physiotherapists can comprehensively assess your condition and tailor a personalised treatment plan to address your needs. We can help you achieve the best possible functional recovery and importantly, advise you how to manage your symptoms.

If you would like more information about how Physiotherapy can help treat osteoarthritis of the hip, or to book yourself an appointment please email office@physio.co.uk or call 0330 088 7800.

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