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Pain is considered to be chronic if it has been present for greater than three months. Chronic pain may originate from an injury, disease or stresses on different structures of the body. The type of pain may vary greatly and may be felt as bone pain, nerve pain or muscle pain. Physio.co.uk have specialist physiotherapists that are experienced at assessing and treating individuals with chronic pain.

Hydrotherapy is a specialist form of physiotherapy used in the treatment of both adults and children with varying conditions. Physio.co.uk have fully qualified physiotherapists experienced in hydrotherapy treatment and the facilities used are of an exceptionally high standard with ease of access for those with reduced mobility and wheelchair users. We endeavour to comply with all health and safety standards both in the water and poolside for both therapist and patient. Equipment used, including hoisting equipment and therapeutic water equipment, is all of a high and safe standard.

What are the benefits of Hydrotherapy for Chronic Pain?

Hydrotherapy is particularly effective for chronic pain as it works in multiple ways simultaneously to relieve symptoms. The principle benefits are as follows;

Heat - Has the effect of relieving pain through stimulation of thermo-receptor nerves throughout the body. It increases soft tissue extensibility and the movement of fluid within the body's joints. Relaxes muscle tissue and has a calming effect on the mind.

Buoyancy - As you become more immersed the body's natural buoyancy in water causes you to float. This reduces the direct pressure on the joints reducing any associated pain and allowing freer movement. This effect can be adjusted simply by moving to different depths of water.

Water Resistance - This provides a gentle resistance that is variable depending your speed of movement. It is good for increasing muscle tone and building strength in deconditioned or injured muscle. The constant resistance of the surrounding water acts as a stabiliser during movement, together with buoyancy this increases confidence in your ability to move without risk of injury or pain.

Who can benefit from Hydrotherapy?

Physio.co.uk can provide hydrotherapy for children and adults with various conditions and injuries. Hydrotherapy can be used as a single treatment or as part of a collection of treatments individualised for the patient.

How can I arrange an appointment for Hydrotherapy?

For more information on how hydrotherapy sessions can help treat your condition, or to book yourself an appointment, please contact us via email at office@physio.co.uk or call us on 0330 088 7800.

Call us on: 0330 088 7800
Phone: 0330 088 7800
Call us on: 0330 088 7800
Mobile: 0330 088 7800
Email us on: office@physio.co.uk
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