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What is obturator nerve entrapment?

Obturator nerve entrapment is when the obturator nerve becomes trapped as it passes through the inner thigh by muscles and tissues. Physiotherapy can successfully treat obturator nerve entrapment.

How does obturator nerve entrapment happen?

Entrapment of the obturator nerve can be caused if the nerve becomes adhered to the muscles and tissues of the inner thigh. These adhesions may limit the amount that the nerve can slide forwards and backwards during movement of the leg. This lack of sliding may overstretch the nerve at the site of the adhesions, causing interference in the signals being transmitted by the nerve. The obturator nerve may also become trapped if the muscles and tissues of the inner thigh are excessively tight. This can interfere with the transmission of signals of the nerve by compressing it.

What are the symptoms of obturator nerve entrapment?

Pain is initially felt in the groin, usually during exercise. If you continue to exercise, the pain worsens and, usually, radiates down the inner thigh. Other symptoms include:

What should I do if I have an obturator nerve entrapment?

Entrapment of the obturator nerve does not get better without treatment. If you have or suspect that you have obturator nerve entrapment, you should arrange an assessment with a physiotherapist.

What shouldn’t I do if I have an obturator nerve entrapment?

If you have entrapment of the obturator nerve, you should not ignore the problem.

Could there be any long-term effects?

Without treatment, entrapment of the obturator nerve can lead to ongoing pain in the inner thigh and an extended lay-off from participation in sports. In some situations, this may occur despite appropriate treatment. In these cases, surgery may be required.

Physiotherapy treatment for an obturator nerve entrapment.

Physiotherapy is important in the treatment of entrapped obturator nerves. Initially, your physiotherapist can diagnose your problem and establish its severity. From the initial assessment, your physiotherapist can develop an appropriate treatment plan. Physiotherapy may include: Please call Physio.co.uk on 0330 088 7800 to arrange an assessment or book online today.

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