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After graduating from university last summer and spending a lengthy period travelling South and Central America, I have now started my first post as a physiotherapist working for Physio.co.uk – a leading Manchester-based private practice.physiotherapyWhat’s it been like?

Ace! Really good. I really like the feel of the place and everybody is welcoming and enthusiastic.

All the different clinics have the same type of set-up, with the emphasis placed on having well-stocked treatment rooms with the best equipment possible to work with. There have been tons of support and you feel like it’s a great environment to learn in.

The first 2 weeks were observation-based, which I quite liked as there was an opportunity to see how a range of different therapists worked, helping me get back into the swing of things. Following that, I was given the opportunity to work independently at different clinics, while ensuring that I had a proper support network for anything that I was unsure of.

There are tons of 1-on-1 meetings with senior members of staff in which you can discuss patients, as well as weekly junior training sessions. I also received regular phone calls from the other therapists to make sure that I was coping with my caseload and to check if I had any queries, which I thought was great.

Additionally, there are extra in-service trainings every 4 weeks, where a topic will be chosen and presented by one of the seniors, with a chance to ask questions and provide input as you like.

All in all, it couldn’t have been better!Physio.co.uk training

What are the best bits?

I have been particularly impressed by the level of training provided.

The firm places a huge onus on itself to try to have the best educated and well-trained young physio’s possible.

You are actively encouraged to seek out any courses/opportunities for learning and the company will then strive to put things into place so that you achieve these. This may include Pilates training, massage therapy courses, hydrotherapy training… basically, anything that will improve you as a therapist, and I feel it’s this ethos that probably helps to set Physio.co.uk apart from many other private physiotherapy providers.

I also like how the role as a junior is split between MSK and Neuro rotations, where you are firstly required to complete a set of MSK competencies while treating patients in our musculoskeletal clinics, before moving onto a Neuro rotation in which you complete further competencies based upon the treatment of neurological patients. This will help me to become a much better physiotherapist, regardless of what discipline I decide to specialise in.

The way these competencies are provided is a great way of learning, with two hours per week dedicated specifically to junior training.

This means that each fortnight a specific joint is chosen and the first week is spent looking at the theory aspects (anatomy, function, related pathologies, subjective assessment etc), while the next week focusses on practical elements (objective assessment, treatments, and manual therapy techniques).

This gives you the ability to be confident with treating a large percentage of the pathologies that you are likely to witness in clinic, and reinforcing and developing the learning that I did at university.

All this surpassed the levels of input that I expected to receive and have helped the transition from university to working massively.Physio.co.uk trainingWhat have you done so far?

I’ve been set up between branches in Tameside, Rochdale and the City Centre, so I get to see and treat a fair range of patients.

Within the central clinics the clients have generally tended to be more self-paying patients, who finance their treatments independently, and as a result, can present with a wide range of different conditions.

The ‘satellite’ clinics (i.e. Tameside and Rochdale) have tended to be comprised of a more mixed medico-legal and self-paying patient caseload, where treatment is typically arranged via insurance companies, along with a mixture of self-paying patients.      

I’ve really enjoyed having the variation, both in terms of location and caseload.

I feel like it helps to keep things fresh while allowing me the chance to carry out loads of ‘hands-on’ treatments, which I had previously highlighted as an area of my learning that I was keen to improve upon following completion of my degree.  word-imageAre you glad you chose to work here?


It’s the perfect place for me to achieve what I wanted from my first physiotherapy role and as it is such a rapidly expanding company I feel like everybody can have a say about the way in which the firm develops.

Everybody makes you feel welcome straight away and you can sense that everyone has a positive attitude and an enthusiasm for continuously improving the service.

The clinics are all really well kitted out and the level of training and support is just second to none.

All in all, I don’t feel like I could have asked for much more for my first physio job. It has had just the right amount of variation, support, and training to allow me to become a better physio and make the progression from student into practising therapist as easy as it possibly could be!