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This week: skiing


Skiing is an adrenaline filled, fun, fast and demanding sport for all who take part. Regardless of their skill level.

But hey! What wouldn’t be fun?…strapping sticks to your feet and throwing yourself down very steep hills covered in beautiful white (but freezing) snow….Oh yea and hoping you’ll make it to the bottom and stop when you get to the end…of course!!

Despite my slight criticism or anxiety of the sport, like most who go… I simply can’t get enough of it!

However, travelling exhilarating at speeds down a hill can come with its bad points, that souvenir no one wants ……..An INJURY!!

YES! Injuries. Everyone has that thought “what if I get injured” in the back of their mind the first time they try it. That’s why I thought I would highlight the Top5 injuries that are possible when skiing.

This is not to put you off skiing at all! It’s just to raise your awareness of what injuries people may come home with.

5. Fractured collarbone (Clavicle)

This type of injury can be from collisions with other skiers or the result of a bad fall onto your shoulder or arm. A common injury, that can be quite serious. Along with this comes swelling, pain, bruising and inflammation. If this injury is suspected medical attention should be found immediately and the arm should be immobilised (i.e. with a sling), so there is minimal movement that could cause further damage.

4. Skier’s thumbAKA a sprained thumb. This injury refers to a ligament called the Ulna collateral ligament (UCL). The mechanism of injury for Skier’s thumb is when the thumb is pulled away from the hand, i.e. when falling onto an outstretched hand or with a ski pole, the thumb may get stretched back and out, which could result in injury.

3. Low back pain

Can you guess this one? Because the usual position of skiing is a bent over position this in some cases can cause back pain. This along with other factors such as poor posture or weak core muscles can also contribute to pain in the lower back. People usually will experience pain, stiffness or a dull ache when experiencing this kind of condition.

2. Patello-femoral syndromeThis in an injury that occurs when there is too much strain put onto the knee, and the prolonged position a skier is in for the duration of the day is one that can put excessive pressure through the knee. Furthermore, when hurtling down the slopes on those skis your knees go through an increased amount of bending and twisting at high speeds….no wonder you get sore knees from day 1!

1.Knee ligament injury (ACL and MCL injuries)A very common injury, once again all the twisting, turning, jumping and bending the knees go through at speed can be a factor that can cause ligament injuries. Another way ligament injuries can occur is by falling and twisting your knee while wearing the skis, or collisions with others on the slope. Usually, if a ligament injury is a possibility, symptoms may include pain, swelling, reduced mobility and instability in the joint. If a ligament injury is suspected seek medical attention for an assessment to confirm a diagnosis and following rehabilitation.

With all these injuries highlighted, I hope it doesn’t deter you from experiencing the slopes, once you go you’ll never want to go anywhere else again and it’s an experience everyone should experience in my opinion. Plus, if you have an injury that causes inflammation such as a ligament injury, you’ve always got an ice pack right next to you (the snow)!